Safety and security. Or not.


Found on Tumblr. Illustrator unknown.

This image struck many cords in me. I walk home like this every night/early morning (from the Journalism department nogal). Funnily enough, I only walk home like the image shows, at night. (Even though I am not any safer in the day than I am at night!) I will continue to walk by myself at night because I:

a) really like solo night walks

b) often work obscene hours on campus and invariably end up alone

c) don’t want to work within a rape culture that dictates my public habits

Point c) has often confused folks. Rape culture, in this specific context, isn’t allowing women to thrive because we feel like we must walk home like ‘this’. We must have some weapon or form of defense on us, otherwise we will be harmed. Or, even worse, as a single lady, you are cautioned to not even walk alone by yourself at night. Like, never. [Aside: doesn’t society recognise a woman’s autonomy and independence in whether she wants to go out by herself or not? OH WAIT, NEVERMIND].

My two cents on this. I literally have so much more to say, but my brain isn’t allowing me right now.



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