Tale of XXtasy and Heartbreak

I wrote this in my first year of Journalism. First, last and only foray into music journalism. lulz.

AudioMob Music Reviews

By Youlendree Appasamy


Oliver Sim of The xx. (Photograph taken by Tom verlie)

Desolate, yet beautiful landscapes – this is what comes to mind when listening toThe xx’ssecond and latest album Coexist.

In fact, The xx have been praised for their use of space and emptiness in their music, most notably by Pitchfork-and as a result every tightly stretched chord is weighted with intense emotion. The xx doesn’t fit into any definitive musical genre but for those pedantic enough to want one I’ll useUncut’s definition, which is: an indie-pop, soul, post-dubstep mash-up. Genre hopping is what makes the band incomparable as it manages to stand out from the overwrought indie-pop and dubstep genres by utilising both simultaneously (and adding some house influences for the hell of it).

The sound is an infusion of raw punk which can be heard in the stripped down guitar…

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