Gazing onto the Sea of Quotes

4. Any items that illuminate your day, your understanding, your relationship with the world, your life as a writer

Under this missive, I present to you A Sea of Quotes.  This clunky looking website contains a plethora of beautifully and skillfully arranged words that re-inspire me to write and read as much as humanely possible. A Sea of Quotes consists of extracts from books and quotes from poems. This website is a compendium of reader’s favourite passages and lines.

This is from Neruda's poem "Clenched Soul".

This is from Neruda’s poem “Clenched Soul”. A Sea of Quotes consists of pages and pages of the best pieces of writing and poetry in the English language.

The gems I find on this website usually lead to me writing my own prose, so take a look and it may cure your writer’s block 🙂