5 Reasons Buzzfeed Isn’t Actually Journalism

[Warning: rant]

Social media platforms are saturated with content with Buzzfeed and I hate it (Although as this video shows, I’m not the only one who hates it). Buzzfeed propagates and disseminates some of the most useless and annoyingly shallow information I have ever had the displeasure of reading. ┬áThis article about Kim Kardashian’s supposed Blackberry hoarding is just the tip of the iceberg (of bad writing).

Buzzfeed never proclaims to be a bastion of journalistic integrity but seeing as they use words to peddle their wares, I take offence at how poorly constructed most of their content is. Buzzfeed is the popular kid who doesn’t have innate talent or skill – popularity for popularity’s sake.

So in true Buzzfeed style, I present you with a list of reasons why Buzzfeed isn’t actually journalism, nor good writing.

  • Many articles function as teasers to other media, which isn’t multimedia journalism. It’s more like a goodie bag of disparate forms of media.
  • Many stories deal with celebrity inanities – unproblematised and without any sense of nuance.
  • Stories are packaged in a visually attractive way ┬ábut the structure of writing renders the meaning and angle superfluous. This ties to my belief that words arranged beautifully and eloquently need less bells and whistles.
  • Their relationship with the advertising world is quite sketchy. Objectivity and neutrality cannot be sustained in such environments.
  • Valourisation of popular culture does nothing for the collective internet intellect. Good writing isn’t boring or dull.